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A team of specialists brought together under a common cause – to communicate what makes your company x-traordinary.


X-CMO Founder, Simon Vincent had spent 15 years working at some of the most well-regarded agencies in London, with some of the biggest brands in the world, when he decided that he wanted to steal the skills and expertise he’d learnt from working with the likes of Audi, Mastercard, Lenovo and Pfizer and share them with Start-Ups and Scale-Up companies.

His reasoning was simple: what opportunity did he have to really make a difference when working with a multinational company? Wouldn’t a far more fulfilling career include backing an underdog, building them up through helping them out-think the competition and then being responsible for transforming them into one of the most iconic and recognisable brands on the planet?

And so he started a company, armed with a fresh approach and a host of weapons (including marketing playbooks and brand archetyping) co-opted from his previous experience, ready to share the ‘fire he’d stolen from the Gods’ with those whose ambition matched his own.

Years later, X-CMO has grown and, while Simon still handles the high-level brand strategy, the team now includes dedicated client managers, skilled in executing each client’s plan efficiently and effectively, as well as a core team of outsourced specialist marketers who are 100% bought in to the X-CMO process and work closely with us to deliver the results we know our clients crave.

The model ensures we are able to negotiate preferential rates for clients, while also delivering consistent and effective results. 




In everything we do, be that for our clients or for our own day-to-day operations, we believe in being three things: 


Budget is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to marketing; we’ve had campaigns go viral on very little investment. What matters is the size of your ambition and your ability to understand your audience. Do our brand archetype quiz to start doing more meaningful marketing now.


Because X-CMO is channel-agnostic, we can fit our strategy around what works best for you. Unlike an agency model where the scope of their work is limited to who is in their building, our fractional CMO model means we can strategise around your individual company’s needs and industry make-up.


We hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Our job is not to do work and then tell you the things we want you to hear in our end-of-month reports. As your external Chief Marketing Officer, our job is to challenge those carrying out work on your behalf and make sure it is as good as it can be.


X-CMO stands for External Chief Marketing Officer (sort of). We’re not a marketing agency. We’re not a consultancy. We’re a member of your team. We are the Head of Marketing you just don’t have to pay to sit in your office 9-5, Monday to Friday. 

Unlike an ordinary agency, X-CMO gets under the skin of your company. We are not a service provider. We are a part of your team, working WITH you to create a marketing strategy that defines clear, reasonable, accountable KPIs. But we also work FOR you to deliver on those KPIs.

Unlike an ordinary marketing consultant, X-CMO will bring your strategy to life. Once we’ve done all the big thinking, we will know your company almost as well as you. Furthermore, we’ll have developed a credible, creative and compelling marketing strategy on your behalf. Who better to be working with your in-house marketing team or pre-existing agencies, or briefing in freelancers that we bring on board to support?

And unlike a full-time CMO, we’ll be far less expensive, you won’t have to pay us sick, holiday or parental leave and we won’t stink your office out with our smelly lunches.

Think of us as being a bit like the Uber of the marketing world. Like them, X-CMO is changing the way you access the service you’re after. Through breaking the traditional ownership model, X-CMO is able to deliver a comparable quality of product at a far lower cost than bringing in a full-time CMO. We use the efficiencies of the digital environment to bring you a more streamlined, efficient service.

Like what you hear? Reach out to X-CMO now and let’s start helping your company to communicate what makes it x-traordinary.