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Who would you rather go for a drink with; a business or a human being? Who do you trust more – firms or friends? How do you see yourself – as part of a segment or as a sentient person?

The answers are obvious. We all bond and associate more with individuals than faceless organisations. When a person (or animal) has character, we simply care more. 

The X-CMO brand archetype quiz is designed to help you understand the core values and characteristics that define your brand, and how they can be used to connect with your target audience. By taking this quiz, you’ll gain valuable insights into your brand’s personality and how to communicate it effectively.

It’s based on the concept of brand archetypes, which are universal patterns that have been used for centuries to create powerful and enduring stories. By identifying with a specific archetype, your brand can tap into the collective unconscious of your audience and create an emotional connection that will resonate with them on a deeper level. 

Our quiz is easy to take and only takes a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is answer a series of questions about your brand, and we’ll analyse your responses to determine your brand archetype.

So what’s keeping you? Take our quiz now and discover the true essence of your brand!


Brand Questions
What does your product do for your customers?
Empowers self expression
Helps them understand the world better and unveils hidden truths
Makes them more confident, outgoing and connected
Makes them feel safe, supported and comfortable
If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. So, which of the following brand values best suit your company?
Drive, Ambition, Freedom, Rebellion
Curiosity, Discovery, Meaning, Structure
Vision, Positivity, Charisma, Inspiration
Authenticity, Kindness, Warmth, Reliability
Marketing has only just been invented and none of the following brand slogans have already been taken. Which one are you stealing?
Just Do It
Think Different
Taste The Rainbow
Every Little Helps
X-CMO catapults your brand into the spotlight with an ad that catches the world's attention. The media describe it as being like ______, only much, much better.
Surfer (Guinness)
 Click to Watch Video
The Cog (Honda)
 Click to Watch Video
Gorilla Playing the Drums (Cadburys)  Click to Watch Video
The Hare and the Bear (John Lewis)
 Click to Watch Video
Four uber-famous celebrities offer a free social media endorsement. Which one are you choosing?
Cristiano Ronaldo
Barack Obama
Katy Perry
David Attenborough
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what is the cornerstone of your target customer's 'breakfast of champions'?
Black Coffee
Froot Loops
Smashed Avocado on Toast
Your target customer has a big presentation at work. Which Spotify playlist do they listen to to get them hyped up?
Rap Caviar
State of Jazz
Songs to Sing in the Shower
If my Heart had a Voice
Your target customer has a room in their house that is just for them. Which of these Dulux paint colours is on their walls?
Spicy Paprika
Moroccan Velvet
Citrus Zing
Enchanted Eden
Your target customer had just won the lottery. Which dream car do they go out and buy immediately?
Ford Mustang
Tesla Model S
VW Camper Van
Mini Cooper
Alright, time for bed. So what's your target customer's favourite form of wind-down screen-time?
Call of Duty
TED Talks
Instagram / TikTok
Netflix and Chill
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