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An internet service provider looking to make a connection with new customers


In a crowded and undifferentiated utilities market, Scottish internet service provider, BrawBand reached out to X-CMO to help them take on the Virgins, BTs and TalkTalks of their world.


Working alongside BrawBand, X-CMO identified the ISP’s Jester Prophet archetype and built out their Authentic, Bold and Cheeky brand pillars. 

These were solidified in a marketing playbook and then brought to life across a huge range of community and broadcast channels (see below) as well as supporting their Customer Service team.

Central to the strategy, however, was work done on two particular channels.

Given that the brief involved raising awareness of a new challenger company in a landscape dominated by some well-known players, rather than try to compete with the budget and brand recognition of these big-name competitors, X-CMO worked with BrawBand to develop a plan that would see us isolate key areas in which we could win and then focus on dominating the conversation there. These key areas of opportunity were both geographical and technological. 

Geographical: To cover a launch of their product in Edinburgh, X-CMO developed the ‘Broken BillBRAWd’ Out of Home activation which would see our digital billboard ads ‘buffer’ (due to an apparently bad internet connection) across all ASDA and Sainsbury’s stores in our target locations, piquing customers’ interest and awareness as well as provoking conversion and curiosity. 

Technological: Identifying that none of our competitors were on TikTok, we saw that there was an opportunity to build brand salience there. Accordingly, we launched a content plan that focused on creating timely, topical and tummy-tickling content that would resonate with customers on the newest, most viral social media platform. 

Quality Over Quantity


Brand Strategy

Web Design and Build

Marketing Playbook

Door-to-Door Sales


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Ads

Out of Home


Direct Mail

TV Advert

Market Place Sites (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, Not on the High Street)

Public Relations (PR)

Social Media Advertising

TikTok (Organic)

Instagram (Organic)

Social Media Listening

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing


Video Content Creation

Graphic Design


X-CMO enjoyed almost immediate success when one piece of content went viral on a completely new TikTok account, amassing more than 15,000 views, 500 views and nearly 50 comments in 24 hours. Within a few months, videos posted to the channel were routinely enjoying similar levels of engagement with another video getting 600 likes and 8,000 views.


Organic views of a single viral TikTok post


Opportunities to view awareness launch campaign


Instagram Increase in online sales within three months

The Out of Home campaign generated more than a quarter of a million opportunities to view and in the months following the campaign, BrawBand enjoyed their best month in terms of sales (all without a Black Friday campaign, too!) increasing sales by 53%. 


“Simon and the team at X-CMO have been an absolute pleasure to deal with since we started working with them. Simon provides a first-class level of service constantly keeping on top of all things marketing so that we don’t have to, which is a weight off our shoulders allowing us to focus on all the other challenges involved with a growing business.

“Simon was able to provide clear guidance on the right channels of engagement for our business and execute them quickly and professionally. If you are looking for someone to help define your brand and marketing strategy then Simon is your man! It helps that he is a top-notch bloke that is very easy to get along with 😊” – Dave Munro. Director of Product at BrawBand.