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A healthtech company looking to strengthen their offering

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Healthtech company, Hextime is a timebanking platform which gives users access to skills and expertise in exchange for time credits rather than money, making the whole process more equitable and accessible. When they found that they were increasingly in need of assets that communicate their offer succinctly and compellingly they turned to X-CMO to help. 


Having completed two days of workshops with the Hexitime team, X-CMO created a marketing playbook which helped to solidify their value proposition and key messaging. 

This gave every stakeholder in the company – including current and prospective customers, investors and the founders – clarity over the brand mission and message, as well as helping to identify a range of different audiences and bespoke channels and messaging with which to approach them. 

Quality Over Quantity


Brand Strategy

Marketing Playbook

Brochure Design


Crowdfunding video

Once completed, X-CMO created two brochures tailored to separate audiences that outlined the product in simple terms, communicating benefits and features – everything a potential user would need to know during the consideration phase. 

These assets were designed to be as shareable as possible so that stakeholders at every level could access them and share them with colleagues and key people within the business, helping to grow the tribe.

Finally, when Hexitime decided to crowdfund later in the year, they came to X-CMO to help produce a video to support their efforts. The resulting film combined interviews with the


Armed with their brochures, Hexitime’s growth accelerated, bringing in several new key clients. It also gave them the impetus to do the crowdfunding raise, knowing that they had a product they could believe in and that customers want.


“The work you did for us was great! Thank you so much. I love the fact that you can even challenge our strap line!” – Hesham Abdalla. Founder, Hexitime.”