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A health and wellbeing shop looking to nurture its existing fanbase

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G. Baldwin & Co. are a London-based health and wellbeing shop with a long history, strong and loyal customer base and solid revenue base. However, with a huge range of consumable, short shelf-life products, they engaged X-CMO to reinvigorate their follower-base, incentivising frequent repeat purchases and increasing loyalty amongst customers.


X-CMO realised that in order to re-engage Baldwins’ customers, we had to speak to their passion points. Their target customer is an open-minded group of Soul Provider archetypes who love stories of how others are using their creativity and conscientiousness to make the world a better place.

The whole premise was to ‘pull them in’ to the brand through making an emotional connection with them, in the knowledge that doing so would mean customers would be happy to make multiple purchases because they felt the company ‘got them’. 

For Baldwins’ customers, we developed the concept of The Curator Collective. This was a content series that reinvigorated the Baldwins approach to content curation and discovery, shifting the focus away from products or remedies and back on to the inspirational people (customers, suppliers and staff) who make Baldwins the company it is.

Quality Over Quantity


Brand Strategy

Web Design and Build

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Ads

Native Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Instagram (Organic)

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Copywriting and Interviewing

Video Content Creation

Graphic Design

Product Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Community Management (Social, Feefo, Google, Trustpilot)

A series of videos served as the hero content for a suite of additional assets including social media ads, search engine optimised blog content, native advertising, and email newsletter content. 

Through a clever process of advertising and remarketing, we managed to not only nurture their existing database and increase the average lifetime value of their customers but also energise them into sharing the content such that a whole new group of customers came onboard.


Word quickly spread about the emotive and inspirational Curator Collective series and, by the time the third video in the series had been posted we were generating more than 50,000 views on the YouTube video as well as countless positive responses, many of which were signalling strong purchase intent.

The associated blog, email and social content followed up this interest with content targeted specifically at products featured, with one piece of content proving so successful it prompted the client to comment; “we haven’t sold a single bottle in two years and suddenly we’ve sold all nine bottles we had in three days”.


Views of a single video on YouTube


Increase in revenue against target

With our pre-existing customers suitably warmed up (as well as a slew of new customers activated), X-CMO set up an automation series that would incentivise repeat purchases and this one activation alone increased revenue by 240% against the target.

The real measure of loyalty, though, was the fact that Baldwins managed to keep going so successfully during the Coronavirus pandemic with many customers remaining committed to shopping with the brand despite understandable limitations in being able to deliver on orders. 


“Company Director, Steve Dagnell said, “X-CMO really worked hard to understand our industry, create content that worked for our customers and then re-purpose it for multiple platforms and purposes. When the pandemic hit, we continued to work with X-CMO because they were able to adapt our marketing to the specific challenges that that brought, and they continued to add value through the work they did and the consultancy provided.”

Head of Marketing, Tim Harris added, “I’m so happy to be working with someone who has an actual vision of what we are and what we can be.”