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Renewable power developers looking to energise their local community


Newly-formed, investment-backed renewable energy developers Morwind approached X-CMO as they were bidding to win the rights to create an offshore wind farm off the cost of the South West of England.

Going up against traditional energy powerhouses like BP and Shell, they knew that they had to come up with an offer that was quantifiably different to that of their competitors, focussing on their connection to the local area and the benefits their bid would bring to the regional economy.


X-CMO ran two days of strategic workshops with the founders of Morwind, as well as representatives from their investment company, aimed at a.) understanding their business as thoroughly as possible, b.) conveying the fundamentals of marketing to ensure we have a shared language with which to discuss future activations and c.) tailoring the relevant marketing fundamentals to their business.

Quality Over Quantity


Brand Strategy

Marketing Playbook


“I think our Marketing Playbook really brings our offer to life in the way we want it to be recognised. It pulls the right emotional and sensory triggers and frames our ambition well – it’s a more elemental message/offer than I had imagined it could be. I have canvassed the team and we like the layout, visuals, feeling and alignment – it’s dynamic but also grounded.”

“I don’t want to get too gushing but, I love it and think it really hits the mark!”

– Ian Selby. Founder, Morwind.